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Big Ben
Flying in front of the Big Ben

Big Ben
Waiting for granddad

Big Ben
posing in front of Big Ben

Beating Rob
Practice for candidates games

Borough Market Pub
open from 6 am

Tube with oma

Tube with opa

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

QPR -v- Wigan (1-1 QPR is going down again)

10 minutes for kick off

They are getting seriously close

Thames near Winsor Castle
Save behind a wall eating myself + movie

Fluffy pancake time
Yum Yum

Fluffy pancake time
Breakfast for a prince


cupcake with oma
Cupcake with oma

cupcake with opa
Cupcake with opa

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Painting the eggs with Ying

We still can't find one - wait for the smell Rob, sorry

Borough Market
I love cheese

British Museum
In front of British Museum with opa

Windor Castle
Inside Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle
In front of Windsor Castle

Soldier at Windsor Castle
He can't see a thing

our garden in Ealing
Badminton with Brice

Fluffy pancake time
Traditional pan from oma

Pistachio cupcakes

Osborn House
Osborn House - isle of Wight


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