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Wenzhou Series
KunFu with boobies Two paintings out of a serie of four made in Shanghai, just before departure in 2010 Kungfu with boobies - fire
New age The Wenzhou serie is being made for a show at the New Age Lounge in Wenzhou, China Composition with Red, White and Blue, Orange and Anita
The Tree The recent works are made for and on show this moment at The Tree - the Belgium bar in Beijing. Moeder aarde
Beijing period In the beginning of 2002 Randolf made a series of paintings using Chinese artifacts, for example; cultural revolution stuff, objects he found on the street and old papers he picked up at the dirtmarket. Yifen
Guangzhou period While living in Guangzhou from October 1999 to March 2001 Randolf founded his own Garden studio down at the Pearl river. He shared the place with a Chinese artist and it had a nice balcony too. Once he painted a prostitute and the foreign police visited him, but normally it was a very quiet and peaceful place. Sitting on the balcony
Rachel serie In preparation of his  first exhibition in China (Wuxi) in 1998, Randolf made a series of paintings working together with a model named Rachel. The paintings have a smooth surface although they are very lively. The exposition was a great success, which drew attention from local newspapers and television stations. Rachel I
Leiden period In March 1993 Randolf joined a group of artists who squatted a big school building resulting in the foundation of the "Leiden Art Center" in the Netherlands. By doing so he obtained a nice studio and started to develop his personal style. Paintings of naked ladies without a head. Naomi IV
Charcoal serie Randolf's charcoal drawings are extremely badly documented. The complete series consisted of ten drawings made in a very short period for the open studio’s project in 1995. Four drawings were selected for the fifth anniversary exposition of the Leiden Art Center in 1998, only seven photos remain and all the works have been sold. Charcoal VI
Hands A group of paintings with the hand as object. Folded fingers
Pairs A group of paintings made in pairs or on two panels. Two red panels  Two red panels
Commission On occasion Randolf works on some kind of commission. Still Randolf does his own thing, so the client is not obliged to buy if he or she doesn't like the final result. Randolf uses these kinds of paintings to experiment with different objects and materials. Vader en zoon nemen sportieve wraak op Piet M.  part IV
Installation Party Jeans
(copy of the 1984 jeans which were stolen)
On occasion Randolf's still wears these jeans. They are made out of pieces from five old jeans - stitched together on a plain sheet and made into a new pair of trousers.
Party jeans
Early abstracts In 1991 Randolf started painting with oil paint. He liked to draw linefigures and they turned into abstract human figures. All the images are composed of just a couple of lines with the endpoints connected. What's wrong with green
Perfect woman During his short stay at the University of Delft in 1989 where Randolf studied Industrial Design, he started to paint on the back of presentation drawings which he glued together. The series consists of nine watercolor paintings of life-size woman with only one ear and no arms. Perfect women VIII
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