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Present exhibition:
From September 2002 onwards: Garry Lewis' Lido Salon (Beijing)
From October 2002 onwards: Mexican Wave - second floor (Beijing)
Planned exhibition with new works
From December 2002 onwards: Hidden Tree (Beijing)

Flyer provided by the Persimmon Art Gallery Goodbye to Guangzhou exhibition.
9-18 March 2001, Persimmon Art Gallery

Unfortunately Randolf’s camera with all the pictures of his last exhibition in Guangzhou got stolen on the train to Beijing. The trip took about 24 hours of drinking beer and playing Chinese chess.

However the exhibition was a great success and Randolf was honored with the opening By the Dutch Consul General of Guangzhou.

While living in Guangzhou in 2000, I organished an exhibition at the Joy power club.
Randolf with young artists in Guangzhou
Some Chinese artists: Vivi, Azhai and Tian lio Sha.
The beautifull owner of the exhibition venue.
The owner of the Joy-power club

Young Chinese artists having diner
Dinner with my Chinese friends in Guangzhou and the owner of the Joy-power club.


My trip to China in 1998 was related to an exhibition at the Wuxi Painting & Calligraphy Academy.
Entrence of the 'Wuxi Painting and Calligrphy Art Center'. Unfortunatly is broken down in 2002.
The opening, December 1998
Opening of Randolf's exhibition at the 'Wuxi Painting and Calligrapry Art Center'.
The spectators (note: Randolf is also there)

Some very important people from the Wuxi art scene.
Dinner with the president of the Wuxi Painting & Calligraphy Academy.

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