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My skates in Beijing (China)


Being from Holland it’s only natural I like ice-skating. I’m also a member of the famous ‘Eleven Cities tour-club’ or ‘Vereniging Friese Elf Steden’ No. 50508. They host by far the biggest sport event in Holland, which is a skating tour of 200 kilometer along eleven cities in the Northern province of Friesland.

It can only be organized when the ice is really thick which happens maybe once every ten years and even when they host it not all the members are able to join coz it’s just to popular.

elfstedentocht 1997


It’s one of my biggest dreams to participate in this event once. I'm on the list for this year - Startnumber: 20717 - now I just hope for cold weather and an airplane-ticket.




Elfstedentocht January 1997


elfstedentocht 1997 - windmil


Elfstedentocht January 1997


elfstedentocht 1997


Elfstedentocht January 1997


elfstedentocht finish


Henk Angenent finished just a meter in front of Erik Hulzebos to win the 200 km race in 1997.




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Nieuws 12-11-2002 -> Dutch


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