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North Sea
Noordwijk beach


North Sea
Dirty hands

Dutch polder
Dutch polder

Dutch polder
Smelly Dutch polder..

Leiden Burcht
'De Burcht' castle in Leiden

Schagensteeg 7
On top of 'De Burcht' looking at daddy's old house

Leiden Harbor
Leiden Harbor

Justin Bieber
Bieber break at 'De WW'

BBQ Party
Cheers for the party

Rob is the big kid...
Kids burning Mars mellows

BBQ Party
BBQ in our Garden with Magda, Alan, Rob and Q's friends


Dr. Trouble
Chemistry experiments

Super dupery vision

Leiden City-hall
Leiden town hall from 'De Burcht'

Best whishes for Granddad
Drawing for granddad

'Plants versus Zombies' sunflower

I'm going to whack it

New school year - new (no) hair

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