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Kids stuff overview Month 97 Month 98 - Devon Biking Holiday Month 99  

Devon bikeride holiday
It always rains in England - or so they say..


Exeter cathedral
Old Exeter Cathedral

cheff cook
Everyday yummy macaroni

Fun in the meadows

The Royal Oak
Rest after hiking

Blackening Rock
Tor movie

Blackening Rock
We climbed up the Tor

Sweat Meadow
Long lasting fire


Shay and me playing chess

Living coast - Torquay
Sunbathing (and scratching) seal

Torquay bay

Fire in the sky

Torquay camp site
Nice view of the camp site

Evening Sky
Pink night at the camp site


Hard to get on a pony

On the road
Yellow bike - yellow jersey too

Blackening Rock
Quin and daddy on the big Tor

Blackening Rock
In front of the Tor

Sweat Meadow
Fire in the rain

Me and daddy playing against nobody

Devon - Dartmoor
Down the mountain

Dinoworld Torquay
Big scary velociraptor

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