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Grand Union Canal
Nature evening walk; we saw bats, rabbits and swans.


Grand Union Canal
Hanwell Lock is making a big waterfall

Grand Union Canal
Cute people at the Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal
And really cool people as wel

bubble fun
Big and round bubble

Garden match
Action, dad!

Grand Union Canal
On a bicycle tour along Grand Union Canal

Break during Tour de Thames

Syon Park - tropical zoo
It's a humongous giant walking stick

Syon Park - tropical zoo
Baby croc found in Heathrow airport


I nurtured my sunflower to bloom

Lock Masters
We are the masters of the lock

Junior member of the Rabobank team

Syon Park - tropical zoo
Just a bit scary...

Syon Park - tropical zoo
Tartantula, please do not bite me

Not a turtle..

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