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TP -Shanghai
Watching Holland - Japan in Time Passage

Moving day
A whole pile of fun 'piepschuim'

Moving day
Yahoo - it is snowing!

Here is your captain speaking...

Having tea with the real captain

Luxury food and drinks on my way to London

New house
Relaxing in the garden

Richmond Park
Can you believe this is London?

Richmond Park
It is green out here!

Old China hands
Having drinks with old friends on the bar boat

elephant parade
The elephant parade has come!

Tower Bridge
On the Thames ferry

Taking the tube to summer school

new house
Our house is a very fine house!

Holland -v- Cameroon

On the common after winning from Cameroon

I love my mum and the English desert we made

Oranje against Slovakia
Watching Oranje against Slovakia

Holland -v- Brasil
And Oranje vs Brasil. Hup Holland!

Holland -v- Spain
Concentrating on the final

Holland -v- Spain
But sadly we did not win :-(


Welcome in London<empty>
Welcome in London!

Welcome in London
I love my new room

Harry potter
Now I am in Britain, I might as well pretend I am Harry Potter!

I am sous-chef English desert

Richmond Park
Look at his stags - just hope he won't come after me

elephant parade
This elephant is made of cheese

elephant parade
Colourful baby elephant

garden squirrel
Our garden squirrel

Ealing Common
Real space to play

Holland -v- Uraguay
I am the only one still watching

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