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go go go
Playing WeiQi

funny faces

Dutch Oaktree and citrus
my plants and tree

Zhangshan Park (HuoBian)
Having fun in the park again (month 42)

Paying attention

Captain Quin
Steering the boat

Nan Xun village
Nan Xun village

Dad and me

Deon and Quin
Funny hats

They are all out!
Blowing the candles




Yammie at O'Malley's

XingJiang noodle
A very long noodle

Deon and Quin
Playing with Deon

Chinees veggie
Farming on school trip

Toddler soccer
The ball is round

racing for the ball
Toddler soccer

steer it up
Making my birthday cake

That looks Yammie

birth day cake
4 candles - 4 years

ezeltje prik

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