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I am extracted
Ready to face the cold!

My Suzhou friend reads for me

How do you say...

Hungry after so much reading

Nice talk
Now there is 4 of us

C'est ne pas une chair
That's a giant chair (art school, Suzhou)

but not growing as fast
This little plant is as old as me

I am going to be a painter too

en als de hemel valt
Ooch! what is that?? Oh, I got a blue nose

Big masters, big paintings
One of the Dutch masters

My hair needs a wash too
You need to wash after hard work


Strawberries with....

Tastes like....

Good to play with too!
Feels like... more!

After dinner
Cleaned up again

My dad and me both have a mao mao

Doe echt m'n best
Watering the floor

where is the sun?
Need a swimming belt in our house now

Will be a masterpiece again
Wait until you see my next painting

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