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When I moved to China in 1999 I wasn’t able to run for more then 5 minutes. My wife started running and dragged me along. At a marathon there are often also shorter distances like half marathons or ten-kilometer runs. I, as a true Duchy, register always for the full marathon, coz why run a half marathon if you could have twice the pain for the same amount of money?
Although I’m not a good runner – puke before I see the first five k-sign – I enjoy the atmosphere and the people. I’m quite sure the people enjoy me, coz I’m fully dressed up in orange and even paint my hair orange in honor or our royal family. My fastest time so far is 5:05 at the Beijing marathon 2001 and my slowest is the Great Wall marathon 2002 in 7:40.

Still running at the Great Wall marathon Drinker with a running problem Very very well done May!!!
Great Wall Marathon 2002 Finishing together with May

Artsy running in the Beijing marathon 2002        close-up
Beijing marathon 20 October 2002 - lot of cars and policeman every 20 meters.

Very well done Kristy - we're all proud of you! A comford kiss.
Beijing 2002.

Where is the start? For the start - after puking.
Beijing 2002.

Dirtbox, OP, No Beer Required, Strech Marks, Artsy Fartsy, Alex, Chinese blond, Quick draw Team picture at the finish.
Beijing 2002.

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