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Tian An Men
Kite flying at the square.

Flying at Bako, Sarawak / Borneo <movie>

By far the best place in China to fly a kite is Tian An Men square. However if your kite is as big as four square meters like mine, it’s a different story. But yeah, I love to fly my kites anywhere. The more spectators the better, although things can run a little bit out of control with big winds. The longest dragon kite I saw was 80 meters and the kite with the most single kites on one line had 168. I like to fly kites with two lines. I almost crash the kite into the spectators, or the police for that matter and at the last second change the direction. If successful this looks great, if not eh…

NASA wing Close-up of the 'NASA wing'.

Rasmus - 11 years
My little Finish friend Rasmus all most flys away.

Bei Dai He, China
Flying the NASA wing at Bei Dai He, China.

The second best place must be Bei Dai He, the beach two hours drive from Beijing. Been there in "94 for the first time.

My friend Peepshow
My friend Peepshow

This is en example of how not to do it. Some people learn it really fast and others don't. It's like learning how to drive a car.

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