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Taiping Hash Trip in Anhu (China)i, October 2009

(Thanks to all who had a good time in Anhui! Special thanks to
No Balls, Wooly Bush & Johnny Wat for taking care of my personal well being)

pictures of Interhash 2006

ChiangMai Inter hash 2006

(Thanks to all who had a good time in Chiang Mai! Special thanks to
TBA and Mammary Mamma for taking care of my personal well being)

on on - stadium on on - snake trip
on on - runs on on - elephant trip
on on - hash friends on on - long neck village
on on - red dress run on on - rafting

Even the beer turned orange...
Punishment for new shoe -I'll drink to that


I realize that of course those directories on the left make no sense at all (snakes and scenic spots on the runs, hash friends at the stadium etc, etc...)


Hashes I've joined:

Guangzhou:www.gzh3.com 51 runs*

Beijing:china.cn 104 runs*

Beijing:www.boxerhash.com 11 runs*

Shanghai:www.shanghai-hhh.com 35 runs*

Shanghai:Taiping Hash Shanghai 17 runs*

All China Nash Hash - 5 times

Interhash - (ChangMai 2006)

A drinking club with a running problem. Just a mix of expats and locals having lots of fun. We do running, drinking, singing, eating and some more drinking. The basic idea is that the hares set a trail with flour and the pack will run along that trail to the end where they find beer if they don’t get lost that is.



Somewere near the great wall.

September 2002.

Smart people those Tibetians.


There are a couple of rules on the Hash, but the basic rule is that there are no rules and no poufters. However the point is getting a day away from work (or the family if they don’t tag along that is) so basically shopping, tourism (taking pictures or movies), phones, new shoes, pufterism, networking and giving out name cards is not done. However since I don’t really work I think the later doesn’t apply to me. For this event I also dress up in orange as a personal trademark, unless it’s a red-dress run.


Somewere where it was cold.

November 2002.

This is my extended family.




Reddressrun, Somewhere near LiuLiChuang. Just behind TianAnMen square. September 2002.

Minime, Alex, Snotty and Artsy himself


Drinking YanYing from a plunger - special hare treatment


Beijing, Beijing a wonderful place to hash - our skys are never clear, but we have cheaper beer - we link to sing and stink and drink - solang with the Beijing hash - whatever




Beijing 1000 th Hash. May 2002.

Goose and Duck Bar.

Artsy and the dancing queen.





Beijing Hash 1000th May 2002.

1000 & 1 wet dreams restaurant.

Thanx to Fish Flavour's sponsoring.










The Beijing 1000th hash T-Shirt.
An original Artsy Fartsy production.

Shidu 'Beijing Hash' camping trip August 2003
Shidu 'Beijing Hash' camping trip August 2003


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