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The great wall - from MuTianJu to SiMaTai



The great wall around Beijing is a fantastic place for hiking. There are lots of places to go for a day trip, but even better is to stay overnight in one of the watchtowers. The closest place to Beijing is BaDaling, but I’ve never been there coz I heard it’s very touristic. Instead I went to places like HuangHuaCheng, JiuShuiKang, SimaTai, MuTiangYu, ZhangJiaKou, and a couple of nameless pieces of wall.

The great wall - from MuTianJu to SiMaTai


Every place has its own characteristics, because they used the local available material to build the wall. Often they build an inner and an outer wall. On the inner wall the watchtowers are small, but the wall is strong – while on the outer wall the wall itself is nothing much, but the watchtowers are very big and strong. They where used as an outlook in the enemy territory. They are the best for staying overnight. Sometimes the wall is just a brick-wall without mortar. Most of the outer wall is like that. 
The great wall - from MuTianJu to SiMaTai


My personal theory on how the wall happened to be is like this: In the past the Chinese collected a lot of stones on top of the mountain etches. When the barbarians came they used the stones to throw at them. However the barbarians invented mortar and mortar bombs to catapult at the Chinese so all their stones would stick against each other and could not be thrown at them anymore. By a very high improbability they formed the great wall.

farmland around the wall

Quite a walk.
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