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Shanghai Dart league 2009 - Yachtie Sailing

Hi Guys,

With a small but effective boat we edged out 2&6 with 12:10!!! The single games were all even but again we had problems with our double-games but at least Tang & CIA won theirs so it came down to the Mickey-Mouse decider. I guess it is alway nice to sing our song at Harley's but maybe that "pissed off" Rambo and served us a lousy shooter (i believe it was Apelkorn and Gin). We all had this horrible after taste for next two hours!!

YOW goes to Randy, just simply because on Wednesday he left for Pattaya in Thailand to attend a Chess-tournement. I don't know how does the
combination Pattaya + Chess can go together...but i guess we will here from him next Tuesday!!!

Speaking of next Tuesday, we are playing against Icy's team (Drunk Durts) at their place called "Season Bar", 685 Dingxi Lu (it's not to far away from the Green Dragon, just to give you an idea in which part of the town this Bar is located). Please kindly confirm and in enjoy your Monday!



Hi Crew,

As expected/predicted, it was a fast game the verdict was out at around 10 pm.......5 : 17 loss to The Power (still undefeated) and bring us down to
the 8th place in the standing!!!! There is not much more to say and this week i give the YOW to Tang, Mr. Consistency! For the past few weeks he is
drawing some solid darts and opening the games for us!!!!!!

But that didn't bring us down to have a good Wonkey Donkey (Randy collected the "Taxi-money"!!!!

Well, i guess i will see you all next Tuesday at Harley's Bar where we will battle with 2&6!!!

Please confirm and enjoy your weekend



Hi Crew,

Last Tuesday's night game against the Green Dragon Pumas just showed how important it is to check out as fast as possible. Allthough the singles games were an even affair (yachties were leaging 7:6, though we could have won a couple more), the doubles were a different story coming out
with no wins at all (again plenty chances to win all three as well!!!). Mickey Mouse was more or less the same (not taking chances) so at the end
a loss 15 : 7. But we also had highlights when Diva won both of her single-games (well done) that gave her the YOW! Tang + Diva could have
made it "www" but had bad luck in their double-game!!

The next few weeks will be though, for once the next five games we play on the road and the next two teams are the Vampire (No !) and The Power (no 2). Next Tuesday against Vampire at their place, Garden Bar (191 Wulumuqi BeiLu / corner of Yuyuan Lu; tel 6248 6487).

Please confirm and see you all next Tuesday!!



2009-02-24: SIYC -v- Panda at Big Bamboo

Hi Crew,

Last Tuesday's game was at home against the Pandas (team of the newly "crowned" President of the Darts League, Andy).....Anyway for a change,
i would like to start with this week's Yachty of the week (YOW) that goes to our good friend from Pudong, Joe!! I guess it has been a while for him
since he has picked up his darts, because he wanted to invent a new technique without using the flights. But to his credit, at least he managed one dart to hit the 2 during the opening team game, that actualy set up a 32 and closed by Tang. Secondly, during his single game we had to find out, he is blind......!!! He left himself with a double 17 finish but instead of going forward to check or to listen to Randy who was "coaching" him, he thgouht
it was a good idea to ignore to go for the double....no harm done...we just expect him back next week with a pair of glasses and new flights!!!!!

Enough of this and back to the report...as already mentioned we won the opening team game and followed up with 4 single wins in the first round.
But somehowe in the second round our minds were somewhere else (my guess was.......beer!!!!!) and only managed one win.

That's when El Capitano and Lieutenant Randy had a "serious brain-storming" and figure out the right pairs for the double-round. Well it almost
worked, we won two that was good enough to secure the win before the Mickey Mouse. Without pressure we came to our third MM win,
resuling in a 15 : 7 win.

Like to mention that Tang had a 94 close out and David a 92 respectively........not to mention the "www" by Randy!!! But as you know not good
enough for YOW!!!!

Next Tuesday we play at home again against the Greendragon-Pumas. Please kindly confirm.

See you and cheers


Captain & lieutenant

SIYC 15 - Panda 7

2009-02-24: Mix -v- SIYC at Green dragon

team pic
Team pic

Aye Aye Sailors,

Last Tuesday was the battle against arch nemesis The Mix. Although it has been years since we beat them, they must have been impressed by our recent wins and expecting some damage.
Why else would they show up With Doctor on No. 7?
Tang won the Hong Xin and started with a double and the third team game victory was ours after Randy closed the Lady’s double X1. Followed up with Single wins of David, Randy and El Capitano Pedro - welcome back!
We where 4 – 3 up after the first round of singles.

Then the Mix got out their secret weapon and instead of With Doctor lined up The Witch Doctor. Tang was the only one not impressed by his Voodoo but all other singles where lost. Where is our own Black Magic when we need him? It would have been nice to have LAURENT VICTOR NGAPULAKWEKA MPWATO MALINDI KILINDO on the score sheet again, but alas – we whish him well.

The last question is – who would be Yachtie of the week?
It looked like everybody was contesting for this title: Jonas showed up with a silly hat, Mark stayed late this time - he fed the baby twice before leaving home, Bob The Deck Swab made a no show after signing up and confirming only last night – he claimed to know all the girls names and nature at Green Dragon, but might have forgotten the address – he is now officially demoted to Barnacle Bob, Pedro for being back, CIA for winning his first Yachtie points in the double together with Randy who was wearing a tie or LW-Vida for now officially stating to be Diva?

Actually – it was clear from the beginning that CIA won, because of his shirt.
The Yachties won the Mickey in a close game. After Randy cemented some extra points with three Bulls, El Capitano took the last double and the mustard.

score sheet

Mix 12 - SIYC 10

See you all next week at home against Panda


2009-02-17: Underhunds -v- SIYC at Oscar's Bar

score sheet

Ahoy Yachties,

While El Capitano was still away the Shanghai Yachties took on The Underhunds from Oscar’s Bar. They barked a lot but were quickly silenced. Tang opened the team game with his first dart. Slowly the Underhands crept back, but just before they could be starting to think to have a change, David nicely closed it. Tang and Tim (again!) scored a beauty WWW and Randy was on fire with 5 tons, but alas, the Lame Lieutenant lost against a birdie (again!). She had an impressive 106 finish but no excuses. The middle of the boat was drifting a bit allowing a split of the points during the singles.
Bob the Deck Swab showed up rather late claiming to be busy changing ports, but was able to hold up his own pants in his single. He also scored a nice 96 finish after Tim did some heavy carrying. LW wanted to change her name in Vida, but I guess Diva suits her better. She earned Yachtie of the week for drinking three big buckets of Hoegaarden and then lying to late arrival CIA about it that she was still having her first.
The Mickey was looking as a lost cause, but it ain’t over before the fat lady sings and so it was. After everybody scored a ton of doubles, Lame Lieutenant Randy only needed tops for a 1 point difference and so it happened.

Underhunds 6 - SIYC 16


2009-02-10: SIYC -v- Da Hua at Big Bamboo

After possibly the longest break in the Shanghai dart league history, which stretched from way before X-mass until after the Yuan Xiao Jie it was finally time to dust off the arrows and pull our boat out of the mud and start sailing again.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Nigel and Marlar and also the Germans had quietly oufwiedersehen gesagt. We welcomed JC, Bob, CIA/FBI and the beautifully LW and gave them the honorable titles of deck swaps and then there where the groupies of course.

team pic
Team Pic

Our home port the Big Bamboo was in top shape and after clearing our table of opponents slowly the Yachties started to make their way up the stairs for a reasonable 20:15 start. It was most difficult for Cindy to find the place (again) and indeed 1 hour and a few calls later she made it to the other floor in order to find no body. Our own Chinese blond has only been in the bar about 10 times so all is very understandable.

Our arrows found the board easily. WWW.Tim.com and JC with two wins and the closure of the team game where big contributors. LW's first Yachtie win was sweet and Tang with 3x 140's and Randy's with and 1x 180 (although losing against a girl) were on fire.

SIYC 12 - Da Hua 10.

score sheet
(we lost the Mickey, but lame lieutenant Randy didn't bother to write it down)

The singsong was nice too. We all forgot the words except for Tang who remembered most of them. And after shaking hands and Bamboo shot's (thanks JC) it was time for a monster Wonkey Donkey. Tang won the whole thing, including the Pat tee, and swiftly turned the winnings into more drinks.

Wonkey Donkey
Tang brings home the Pat tee

Yachtie of the week goes to Tim for multiple reasons.... WWW, contributing the Pat tee and leaving Randy at his own mercy on TongRenLu.

Next port of calling is Oscar's Bar.