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Playing darts is lot's of fun. Especially when playing with a fun team. While in Beijing and Shanghai, I always play with the Yachties. This is serious drinking, singing and party and yeah ... we throw some darts too!

Our official names are Beijing or Shanghai Imperial Yacht club darts team and in China we are the only teams who have a chapter in both cities. When traveling we can join up with the other chapter and most players have played for either team.

SEASON 2009 updates




Beijing Imperial Yachtclub
2002 Beijing Yachties: John, Mini me, Elvis, Kristy, Randy and Richard

Shanghai Imperial Yachtclub
2004 Shanghai Yachties: Tang, Dieter, Mike, Randy, Icy, Danny, Tim, Jacky and Peter

Shanghai Imperial Yachtclub
2006 Shanghai Yachties: Tang, Peter, Jenny, Tim, Randy, Doyley, Darrin, Dave, Big Steve and Pedro

Shanghai Imperial Yachtclub
2008 Shanghai Yachties: Tang, Charley, Randy, Pedro, Tim, Elvis, Dave and Cindy

Silly hat party
Silly hat party - Randy 40

Yachties in Longjees


Elmer and Randy
Elmer and Randy
Dutch lady's Champion
Mieke de Boer
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