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Every Sunday from 15:00 onwards we play Chess in Shanghai at Oscar's Bar - since 2009.

Oscar's Bar, Shanghai

Playing chess in Beijing. Don't know if there is still chess in Beijing - sorry.

chess venue. Zi Shi Yuan Restaurant tel.84002215, located on No. 139 Drum Tower East Str. (Gulou Dong Dajie) or contact Illian at playerbacc@yahoo.com

Emil wins this game.
Me playing the Bulgarian Emil - the best player in Beijing. Some say the best in China at John Bull.

Emil wins this one too.
Chad playing Emil.

BACC (Beijing Amateur Chess Club) group picture
Stephen, Emil, Chad, Randolf, Mark & Stephane at the Hidden Tree, old and gone San Li Tun South street.

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We really are a friendly chessclub

stephane at Souk


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Chess interface with engines Arena

Arena 2.0.1 Setup (18.4 MB): Arena 2.0.1

Chess links by Dennis Breuker


I learned to play chess as a kid. My level was pretty high until I grew fonder of girls and drugs at age 12. I kind of picked up chess again in my late twenties, but never was able to rise from the level of mediocrity – or come close to my earlier level. It’s my personal aim to play gambits (give a pawn away in order to develop quicker) in every opening to avoid boring games. Since 1994 I’m also into playing Chinese chess. The game has different pieces and rules, but the goal is the same – checkmate the other king. Although in Chinese chess it’s called a general, whilst it’s actually an emperor. This happened to be like this during one of China’s many dynasties in which Chinese chess was forbidden, coz the emperor said there is only one emperor and that’s me! Everybody who plays chess is a rebel and should accordingly be decapitated – hence the renaming in general by his successor and the present day big population of China. More recently I’m trying to learn Go or WeiQi. This game has the easiest rules but the hardest strategies and techniques. It’s played on the crossings of a 19 by 19 board using only black and white stones not to be mistaken with candies. Somebody brought over Japanese chess one night which was very intresting either, don't know all the rules though.

























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