perfect woman overviewZee bij Maarn (Early abstracts)Kunfu with boobies - fire The Perfect women serie

Randolf's first paintings.

While studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft in 1989, Randolf glued his technical and presentational drawings together and started doing something completely different. Why? Nobody knows, but one thing is sure - his career at the university was short and although the nightlife interested him - he knew all the bars and student clubs - he had a very hard time finding out where and when to attend classes.

His girlfriend at the time told him "the paintings go or I go" and although the paintings are slightly falling apart they are still in his possession.

Perfect women I to IX
Material: Watercolor on paper
Year:      1989-1990
Size:       about 50cm x 150cm
Location: leiden, Netherlands
Owner:    Randolf