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Beijing periodRachel serie Guangzhou period 1999 - 2001


Anouk I Anouk II Purple rain


Untitled Sitting on the balcony


Randolf rented a nice studio south of the Pearl River near Hai Jin Bridge. It is a cheap location in a quite street. He had a lot of visiting artist friends. He played a lot of Chinese chess with his neighbors too.
One time he was using a Chinese prostitute to model for one of his studies, but an old lady who was a kind of neighborhood lookout must have informed the police. It all ended in a big laugh when Randolf asked the policeman to model for him. Guangzhou is a pretty free place altogether. "The further away from the mountain, the less chance to fall off." This is an old Chinese saying - meaning that Guangzhou is far away from Beijing (the political mountain) and as such, enjoys much more freedom.



Kneeling on the balcony Standing on the balcony


Red underwear Untitled


Ting Bian Franck SiTu