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Personal stuff overview Beijing hash house harriers Artsy's Hash T-shirts designs


Orange and OC hash T-shirt collection

toilet run no 9 (FLASH FLUSHED)


1000 run Beijing

Beijing 1000 run and first China Nash Hash, 2002.

Tempel of Heaven - TianTan



Rear Entry 10 year's in China

Rear Entry's 10 Year in China run and BeiDaiHe hash weekend with Beijing Boxer and BH3.



Maglev Run 829

Fastest run of the world with ShanghaiH3 via Maglev train. T-shirt got eventually cancelled by Tight Arse due to placement of the train (can't you put the train somewhere else ?). Might also be due to slight resemblense of the face with that of TA...



Shanghai Kiddo Hash

First Shanghai Kiddo's Hash T-shirt 2006.



Toillet run

First Toilet-run T-shirt


  Camping Run


SH3 camping weekend concept. Weekend got cancelled due to hash politics or whatever...


SH3 hand over run 2006






hash logo


SH3 Logo





Miao - Taiping run

Taiping Hash to Miao village 06




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