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News Orange

For the first time Randolf started to experiment with mixed media techniques. He likes to use objects he finds while riding his bike through Beijing. Some of those objects will probably disappear from the streets, due to recent huge developments in China. He also likes to use Chinese characters and Pictures of Mao Ze dong. Not to provoke anyone, but just because they are typical Chinese artifacts. Mao is still a controversial topic in China. Randolf’s name cards features a painting called "Orange" with Mao’s portrait, but the printing company censored it in fear of any problems or encounters with the Chinese government.

In his works there used to be a strict foreground-background contrast. Now we see that the background is actually seeking as much attention as the foreground, which leads to a well-balanced composition.



Babyshoe Smoke stack


Two Fec (foreign economic currency) Yi fen, one cent