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Randolf’s first ‘long-hair’ period was over when Tim’s mother – a professional hairdresser – cut of his pony tail. Every once in a while this sweet mother cooked for the artist and took care of his looks and they spend quality time on the balcony trying out various wines and dopes. Tim was always running around being much too smart for his age. Only because of the genuine atmosphere of those evenings and probably the drugs, Randolf was persuaded to make a painting of the whole Tim. Cindy really didn’t want a painting of Tim without a head.


Tim Tim

There is lot’s of structure and texture in this painting – it was actually painted over a painting that qualified as a totally unsuccessful experiment.Tim’s "poetie" (the piece of cloth he holds in his hands) couldn’t be left out. No present could compete with his poetie.

This painting is the last out of a series of three called "Kosmos". It’s basically Gesso with a little oil paint mixed in. The weird shaped canvasses are stretched on frames made out of wood found in the Art Center after it was founded in 1993. The shape of the frames contrast with the shape of the house of the buyer giving a nice effect.
The colors of the paintings are matching
Kosmos III

the pillows on the couch, while the rest of the house is all decorated in black and white.

Title: Father and son have a sportive revenge on Piet M.
Dutch title: Vader en zoon nemen sportieve wraak op Piet M.
Piet M. 1 Piet M. 2 Piet M. 3 Piet M. 4
These paintings were made during Randolf’s sabbatical year. He actually worked successfully for a computer company and tried a relatively normal way of life for a change. It’s very unlikely he will ever again. With the assistance of Jullius Visser he produced this series out of protest, because the buyer insisted a total lack of breast on the paintings. Randolf’s kindergarten school friend Arjan Windhorst donated the shoes. Randolf is still walking on two other pairs of really old Adidas and Converse shoes. The original idea was that the son’s footprints would be on the paintings too but they decided that the son should be sitting on his father’s shoulders instead. The creative process was very interesting because the two minds had to come up with one final concept.

Piet M. is pretty much related to the great Dutch artist Mondriaan who abstracted naked ladies to squares in basic colors.