Franck SiTu

1991 Graduated from Guangzhou Academyof Fine Arts Majored in oil painting.
1995 Graduated from Elole d`Art Maryse Eloy in Paris, received master degree
of graphic design.
Now live in Guangzhou and work as an artist painter and a graphic designer.

Main arts activities:
1990 work were selected by Grand show of drawing of Guangzhou Academy of
Fine Arts and received best work Award .
1994 Serial abstract paintings showed at Paris Autumn Salon in France.
1995 Held a personal exhibition at Left River Gallery in Paris.
1996 Work participated Chaumon Festival of Ad in France
1999 Guangzhou Experience Exhibition
2000 Guangzhou Contemporary Art Salon opening exhibition
2000 Held a personal exhibition in Guangzhou


Concept of creativity on the work

In the creation of Concept of Abstract Art
said by the critics,I use a lot of things such
as the mouse,the diskette, the cloth etc.....,
Mix the plane With 3 dimention and different
materials to create a new image and space,
give my painting a special sense and
value.On the whole,the spectactor is a
creator,they can build up them with theyself
from their own experiences,think about the
problems exist in the reality world,that I
really want to express in my painting.

Franck SiTu
November 2000
Guangzhou China